Cheap Car Hire In Cyprus

Cheap Car Hire In Cyprus

You can find cheap car hire in Cyprus or book online before you arrive.  There are many local car hire companies offering special deals but you need to pay a financial premium.

Cheap Car Hire In Cyprus or Book Online

cheap car hire in cyprusMany people find it much less hassle to book a car online. This way you have the car waiting for you at the airport when you arrive. It’s also a good idea to buy a map of Cyprus .

So many people visit Cyprus but never really get to know the surrounding areas of the resort where they stay.  By renting a car you have the freedom to discover Cyprus.

Cheap Car Hire In Cyprus

Visit the sun drenched beaches

There are many lovely beaches and popular resorts to visit such as the Akamas Peninsula . There are many wine-growing villages to visit at the foot of the  Troodos Mountains  and a  4×4 is necessary to explore this area of the island.

Cheap Car Hire In CyprusCost of Taxis in Cyprus

  • If you are not hiring a car from the airport the standard price for a taxi from Paphos airport into Paphos town is around 30 euros.
  • From Paphos to Limassol it will be quite expensive, so if you don’t hire a car, it’s a good idea to check out the airport transfers before you arrive.

Although buses go to major towns and airports there is no service on a Sunday.  There are no trains in Cyprus and public transport stops at around 8.00pm.

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Map of Cyprus
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