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Cyprus Drinks, Ouzo, Brandy, Frappe …

Brandy Sour Recipe

Cyprus drinks range from the traditional ouzo and brandy to ice-cold frappe and greek coffee.

 Cyprus Drinks ~ Non Alcoholic

If you order coffee in Cyprus (especially Greek coffee), this will be served with an ice-cold glass of water.

The ‘kafenion’ is one of the most important areas of Cypriot life and although once the domain of only men (it still is in some areas), today the ‘kafenion’ is where all can enjoy a drink.

Cyprus Drinks ~ Greek Cypriot Coffee

When ordering coffee in Cyprus the waiter will ask you which coffee you prefer.

For example …

  • without sugar – sketos
  • medium – metrios
  • sweet – glykos

When asking for the coffee you leave off the ‘s’ so it becomes …

‘ena sketo’ (without sugar)
‘ena metrio’ (medium)
‘ena glyko’  (sweet)

Tip!  It’s the same when speaking to someone. For example, if you’re speaking to Stelios you leave off the ‘s’ and say ‘Hi or Yassou Stelio’.

frappe in cyprusAnother very popular and traditional coffee drink of Cyprus and Greece is Frappe.

It  can be a mixture of Nescafe, condensed milk or milk, iced water and must be served icy cold and with a lot of froth.

A very popular drink on hot summer days when you need an injection of caffeine but dread the thought of something hot.

Cyprus Drinks ~ Alcoholic

Keo beer cyprusKEO is the traditional beer of Cyprus made by Cypriots.

  • Winner of many international awards so iIf you haven’t already tried it you have a treat in store!
  • It isn’t really surprising to discover that Cyprus has many excellent wines.
  • Winemaking in Cyprus dates back to 2000BC and the days of Dionyssos God of Wine.

Lemesos (Limassol) has four large wineries which produce KEO, ETKO, SODAP and LOEL and these wineries hold a huge wine festival every year in the Municipal Gardens of Limassol in September.

Cyprus Drinks ~ Commandaria

commandaria cyprus drinks The sweet dessert wine of St. John Commandaria is one of the oldest wines in the world.  The wine has been in Cyprus since the days of the Crusades and is only used for special occasions.

The grapes are grown on the eastern slopes of the Troodos Mountains which in winter is covered with snow.

The vineyards are in Kolossi near Kolossi Castle which is just a short drive from the centre of Lemesos.

Cyprus Drinks ~ National Drink of Cyprus

The national drink of Cyprus is a popular cocktail called ‘Brandy Sour’ which consists of lemon squash (must be Cypriot), Cypriot brandy, Angostura Bitters and Soda water.


To make the cocktail use Cypriot Brandy such as Keo Five Kings and for each drink use the following amounts.


  1. 1 or 2 measures of Cyprus Brandy depending on taste
  2. 1 measure of Cyprus lemon squash (again add to taste)
  3. A few drops of Angostura Bitters
  4. Soda water or lemonade
  5. Ice cubes
  6. Fresh lemon to decorate


Pour brandy into a glass and then add lemon squash, Angostura Bitters, then the soda or lemonade.  Top with ice cubes and a slice of lemon for decoration.

Cheers!  ( Γεια μας! = Yá mas!)

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