Cyprus Food

Traditional Cyprus Food …

Cyprus FoodCyprus Food

Cyprus food is the main reason why many people on the island live to a ripe old age.  It’s based on the Mediterranean diet which is one of the healthiest in the world.

Cyprus Food

Olive oil and olives together with an abundance of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables are why people remain so healthy.

This and a daily diet of fresh bread, potatoes, pulses (legumes) and fresh fish straight from the sea are what most people live on.

  • Cyprus food is always enjoyed with a slice of crunchy bread and olives and cheese, tomatoes and cucumber are often eaten for breakfast and always with bread.
  • Other tasty snacks include dips such as hummus, taramosalata and aubergine and tzatziki (yoghurt with shredded cucumber, mint and garlic), delicious eaten with meals or just warm pitta bread.

Cyprus Food

  • Cyprus potatoes are one of the islands major exports and are grown in the red villages of Famagusta.
  • Roast potatoes, chips and mashed potatoes with garlic and olive oil (Greek  – skordalia (σκορδαλιά) pronounced skor-thal-YA) are just some of the ways these lovely potatoes are cooked on the island.

Cyprus Food

Popular Dishes

vegetarian moussaka Famous the world over Moussaka is the traditional food of Cyprus and Greece.

Made with mince meat (normally lamb) courgettes, aubergines,  potatoes and covered with a thick bechamel sauce.

If you’re vegetarian (as I am) it’s easy to substitute quorn or soya for meat (the moussaka above was made with quorn).  Or  you can just leave out the meat and add  lentils and more cheese ~ Moussaka Recipe >>

More meals …

  • Cyprus food includes lamb, pork, chicken and fish served with potatoes, pasta, rice and pulses (beans, lentils etc) which are often very simple and easy to cook.
  • One such dish is fassoulia yiahni which is famous throughout Cyprus and Greece and many other Mediterranean countries.

This type of food is affordable and nutritious and great mopped up with the local crunchy bread.

Cyprus Food


cyprus food ~ Halloumi saladMezedes often include as many as twenty or more little dishes.

These bite size dishes are a great introduction to the cuisine of Cyprus and include stuffed vine leaves and local cheeses such as feta, halloumi and kaskavalli.

Spicy loukanika and pastourma sausages and keftedes (meat balls) are just some of the many tasty mezhedes you can try.

 Cyprus Food ~ Fish Dishes

barbouni cyprus

The fishing boats bring the freshest of fish and sea food straight to the restaurants of the island.

Amongst the most popular local dishes are calamari (fried squid) and barpooni (red mullet).

Cyprus Food

Vegetarian Dishes

yemista - stuffed vegetables Vegetarians can eat well in Cyprus as many of the dishes don’t contain meat. Although most Cypriots love their kebabs and casseroles there are also many dishes made with vegetables, pulses and pasta so great for vegetarians!

For example there are stuffed vegetables Yemista and Lahana (a green vegetable similar to spinach but not so sweet).

  • Vegetables eaten with black eyed beans (or any other type of bean) and drizzled with olive oil and lemon are healthy and very tasty.
  • There are so many dishes which include pulses, pasta, olives, vegetables and the salads are famous all over the world. Who can resist a Greek Salad with pitta and hummus!

Food of the Gods and utterly delicious washed down with a glass of wine or keo beer.

Cyprus Food ~ Pasta Dishes


Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes and for traditional Pastichio the long thick macaroni is used.

The dish is made with layers of macaroni and mince meat (or veggie alternative) covered with bechamel sauce and cheese.


Cypriot ravioli is filled with halloumi cheese and mint.

Spaghetti and Macaroni

  • Often  eaten with grated halloumi or anari cheese sprinkled with dried mint.
  • These dishes are excellent served with a fresh Greek/Cypriot salad.
  • Vegetarian feta and halloumi are available in large supermarkets.

Cyprus Food

Breakfast & Snacks


greek cypriot kouba A traditional breakfast often consists of olives, juicy tomatoes and baby cucumbers.

It can also include fried/grilled halloumi, eggs and lountza (Cypriot bacon/sausage) with delicious fresh crunchy sesame-seed covered bread called koulouri (in Cyprus pronounced goullouri).

Anari (soft white cheese of Cyprus) or yogurt with fresh fruit drizzled with honey are also very popular.

Cyprus Food

Tyropita (Cheese Pies)

Typropita - cheese pies Tyropita (Cheese Pies) Recipe are very popular in both Greece and Cyprus and very easy to make.

They can be bought in bakeries all over Cyprus and sold in bite size or large pies.  They can be made with fillo pastry or  puff pastry. 

Easy Tyropita Recipe >>


  • Another favorite of mine is koulouri – sesame-seed covered hoops of bread available from bakers and street vendors from early morning (koulouri is also a loaf of bread).
  • Ideally you will munch on a sesame covered hoop together with a piece of Kefalotiri cheese – very tasty!  Koulourakia are made with sugar and spices and delicious with coffee or tea.

Cyprus Food

Meat Dishes

  • Cypriots enjoy Kleftiko, Afelia and traditional beef dishes such as stifado and tava.
  • Casserole dishes are cooked with lots of olive oil (or sunflower oil) and it’s customery to mop up the juices with wedges of fresh crusty bread.
  • Souvlaki – barbecued lamb and pork kebabs has always been a popular fast food in Cyprus and Greece and one which many other countries enjoy.

Souvlaki are often made at home or eaten at the local taverna or restaurant. For years it was just as cheap to eat out as it was to eat at home.

In Cyprus pork is often used and also fish such as swordfish which is chunkier and less likely to fall off the skewer.

Vegetarian souvlaki can be made with veggies such as peppers, red onions, tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines. Delicious served with pougouri or in a warm pitta bread with tahini.

Cyprus Food

Desserts & Cakes


glyko - cypriot crystalised fruitThe people of Cyprus are always hospitable and will often offer visitors  a serving of glyko served on a small plate with a spoon.

This is usually comes with a glass of ice-cold water and a greek coffee ~ Read More >>


Baklava RecipeThese popular tasty treats taste delicious but can also inches to the waistline if you indulge too much.

Baklava can be found all over Cyprus and Greece, Lebanon and many other parts of the Middle East. This lovely dessert is made with filo pastry, nuts, spices and loads of lovely rose or orange scented syrup.

Baklava Recipe >>


Loukoumades RecipeLoukoumades are one of the most traditional and delicious of all desserts and can be found all over Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East.

These honey balls are made for festivals and also enjoyed throughout the year.

Loukoumades Recipe >>

Greek Cypriot Desserts

Kali Orexi! (καλή όρεξη)

Good Appetite – Enjoy!

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