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Cyprus Transport …

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Cyprus Transport

limassolbusstopThere are no trains in Cyprus so the only way to travel is by using buses, taxis or service-taxis.

The buses don’t run late during the evening so if you want to travel around it’s a good idea to hire a car online before you arrive.

You can collect the car at the airport when you arrive and then you’ll have the freedom to go where you want without worrying about taxis.

Cyprus Transport

Care Hire in Cyprus

cypruscarhireThe best way to get around Cyprus is by hiring a car as you then have the freedom to visit the remote areas of the island.

It makes it so much easier to get around and you won’t have the problem of finding a taxi or bus when you arrive or leave from the airport.

If you do hire a car it’s a good idea to buy a map of Cyprus before you arrive and also find out about driving in Cyprus.


Cyprus Transport

Cyprus Airport Transfers

MinibusIf you don’t hire a car you can book your airport transfer online before you arrive. This way you save yourself the hassle of trying to find a bus or an affordable taxi.

You get a price and pay online and receive instant confirmation Another point to remember is that transport in Cyprus stops very early in the day.


Cyprus Transport


cyprusbusBuses link to all major towns and airports with a regular hourly service.

On Sunday there is no service but there are local inter-city buses and rural buses which are inexpensive and a good form of getting around.

  • Although some appear quite old, most have air conditioning and music which makes the journey much more enjoyable.
  • Nicosia Municipality operates the well-known Yellow Buses which will get you around the city within the city walls. There is no fare charge for these routes.

Cyprus Transport


  • If you take a taxi from either Larnaca or Paphos airport¬† find out what the fare will be before starting your journey.
  • Better still, book your airport transfer online before you arrive.
  • Taxis from Larnaca airport are not so expensive as it’s only a short distance from the airport into the centre of Larnaca.
  • The majority of taxis in Cyprus are Mercedes and most are air-conditioned and have a meter.
  • There are two tariff periods:¬† Tariff 1 from 6.00am – 8.30pm and Tariff 2 from 8.30pm – 6.00am.

Cyprus Transport


Service-taxis hold up to eight people and must be booked in advance either by telephone or in person at one of the service-taxi offices.

  • If you’re being collected, find out the exact time and place the taxi driver will collect you and make sure they know your name.
  • Prices range from 7 euros each way and pick-ups are from an allocated distance within the town or city. This of course adds time onto the journey so allow around 30 minutes (sometimes shorter), before the journey begins.

Once you get going, the journey is quick as it’s mainly on the motorway.

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